The iPAC Framework has been developed and applied in 3 of our major funded projects: two Erasmus+ projects led by The University of Hull, UK, and one Australian Research Council (ARC) project led by The University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia.

The first Erasmus + project was called Mobilising and Transforming Teacher Educators’ Pedagogies (MTTEP) led by Prof. Kevin Burden. It was a three-year project (2014-2017), that aimed to create a m-learning network and a toolkit for teachers to use based on the iPAC Framework (Burden & Kearney, 2018). The elements of the toolkit are outlined on the resources page of this website and have been tested extensively by teachers and teacher educators across four continents. The impact of the resources from the toolkit on users was instrumental in a recent international e-Learning award.

Another major project which used the iPAC Framework was funded by the ARC from 2015-2019. Titled Optimising Teaching and Learning with Mobile-Intensive Pedagogies, this project was led by Prof. Sandy Schuck and Prof. Peter Aubusson. It investigated how teachers might enhance learning in secondary school mathematics and science through m-learning (Bano, Zowghi, Kearney, Schuck, & Aubusson, 2018). A scale was developed to research how teachers and students perceived their integration of iPAC in their m-learning tasks (Kearney, Burke, & Schuck, 2019). Discussion of how mathematics and science teachers varied in their use of iPAC is presented in Kearney, Burden & Schuck (2020). The validated surveys are an output from this project and are available from the homepage of this website.

The most recent project (2017-2020) is the Designing and Evaluating Innovative Mobile Pedagogies (DEIMP). This project is also an Erasmus + project and led by Prof. Kevin Burden. Its focus is on innovation and investigates how mobile pedagogies might be developed for innovative practice (Burden, Kearney, Schuck & Hall, 2019). The innovation principles from this project have been aligned with the iPAC dimensions (Kearney, Burden & Schuck, 2020). A key output from this project is a professional learning app to guide teachers’ innovative digital pedagogies (see Resources page).

All academic citations on this page are detailed on our Publications page.